Spero Center Hope Thrives HereThe COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented interruptions to our students’ daily lives. For many students the abrupt change in daily routines, increased social isolation, a break in learning continuity, lost sense of security and safety, and missed significant life events or experiences have resulted in substantial social emotional or mental health challenges. In a survey conducted by Mental Health America in November of 2020, of the 1,906 individuals who completed the survey, 47% reported learning how to support their mental health during daily life as something that would be helpful for their mental health.

Spero Center, a program of ESD 112, is currently offering school districts a FREE opportunity for their middle and high school aged (13-18 years old) students to participate in interactive webinars that cover a broad range of social emotional and mental health wellness topics. Students will learn more about their own mental health and wellness, build coping skills, and connect with their peers in a safe, virtual environment. Districts can choose from several topics that include stress management, mental health 101, coping skills, health relationships and boundaries, strategies for healthy media consumption, and more. Spero staff can also work with district’s specific needs and develop a series specially tailored for your student population.

These webinars are facilitated by Spero staff and we encourage district staff to attend each session as well. Our scheduling is very flexible and we’re sure we can create something that fits your students’ needs. Please contact Sara Hatch, Spero Center Director, by phone at 360-952-3488 or by email at sara.hatch@esd112.org, for more information.