School staff are the ultimate superheroes—creative, compassionate and capable of sharing vast amounts of knowledge in a single year!

On National Superhero Day, we celebrate these guardians of education, including dozens identified by Longview Public Schools’ Star Polisher project.

Part of Longview’s strategic focus on “student connectedness,” the project draws on the poem “Star Polisher” by teacher Leah Beck, who reflects on her calling to prepare students to be the “brightest, shiniest stars in the sky.”

The first round of invitations, including an excerpt from the poem, went to middle school students asking them to share stories about their star polishers—teachers, administrators and support staff who have helped them feel connected and successful at school.

Nearly 50 students responded, some recalling words of encouragement, others describing teachers who refused to give up on them and still others sharing how their “star polishers” taught them life lessons.

Read about these Longview superheroes on the Star Polishers page.