Canned air is often used in office settings to remove dust from computer keyboards and other electronic equipment that cannot be cleaned using water.  Canned air is not the air you breathe.  The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries states, “Canned air products contain a gas that is mostly compressed into a liquid. A variety of gases are used in these products and some are highly flammable.”

Employees may not follow safe use practices with canned air, because they do not know of the hazards that can occur.


Canned air products must be kept in an upright position during spraying.  This allows only the gas layer above the liquid to be released.  If the can is held upside down, the liquefied gas can be expelled.  The liquid, when released from the can, rapidly cools any surface it touches.  Serious frostbite can occur if skin is exposed to the liquid.  Also, the can gets very cold during extended use and holding the can itself can result in a cold burn.

Flammable ingredients

Do not use in small or poorly ventilated areas. The gas that is released can become concentrated and create a flammable atmosphere.  Ignition sources such as electrical switches, flames and sparks should be kept clear of the work area to help prevent fires.

Asphyxiation and toxicity

High concentrations of gas in enclosed, non-ventilated areas can displace ambient air and cause oxygen deficiency or possible asphyxiation.

Please take extra care when using this product and most importantly, read all labels, follow instructions carefully and never tilt or shake the can.