Videos highlighting programs and creative communications from the Teaching and Learning division of Educational Service District 112 (ESD 112) were recently honored with Merit Awards from the Washington School Public Relations Association. Entries were judged by a panel of communications professionals using a rubric designed for each category.

The ESD 112 award-winning videos are:

  • How Quest Academy is Creating Remarkable Change in Children
    Every year, students who, for a variety of reasons including developmental disabilities and mental health issues, have behavior that’s unmanageable at a comprehensive school and get expelled. In 2016, Quest Academy in Longview, Washington, opened to serve Cowlitz County’s children. Even after only one year at Quest, staff and parents are seeing a remarkable change in the children. (
  • How a Glitter Jar Improved Behavior in the Classroom
    Using the research-based MPowering P3 program to incorporate mindfulness training in local schools, this ESD 112 project decreased stress for teachers and students and improved classroom behavior. (
  • EDU-speakin’ to Me?
    Ever get confused by teachers, principals and other educators using complicated education terms? The “Edu-speakin’ to me?!” video series helps decipher them in fun, creative ways. (

“We put a lot of care and attention into developing our programs and services at ESD 112 to make sure they’re equalizing educational opportunities for the communities we serve,” said Mike Nerland, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning at ESD 112. “The programs spotlighted by these award-winning videos are a testament to that mission, and reflect the great work of our creative team, as well.”

The awards were announced at the 2018 WSPRA Annual Conference on April 26th in Leavenworth, Washington.