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Training & testing for paraeducators in SW Washington.

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ETS ParaPro Assessment

With the implementation of our new online scheduling platform, ESD 112 now assesses a flat $75 dollar fee for the ParaPro Assessment.

Accepted Payments

  • Card: either online as you schedule or the day of.
  • Cash: exact change required on the day of.
  • Check: made out to ESD 112 on the day of.

The test is given on a computer and consists of 90, multiplechoice questions- 30 each on:  

  • Language Arts  
  • Reading  
  • Mathematics 

View the ETS Tutorial for more information.

Participants may NOT bring a calculator or notes.  

Scratch paper and pencils will be provided. 


You will be given 2.5 hours* to complete the test. 

 *Additional time may be granted for disabilityhealth-related needs, and for English Language Learners. Please refer to the ParaPro Assessment Bulletin (PDF, ETS Website) on applying for additional accommodations.

Any current or prospective Para Professionals who do not currently have one of the following: 

  1. Two years of study at an institution of higher education. The institution you choose must meet five criteria of the Higher Education Act, Section 101(a). All classes must be at level 100 or higher. 
  1. Associate degree or higher. All associate degrees are acceptable. 
  1. Washington paraeducator portfolio or apprenticeship program — completed previously. Those meeting the apprenticeship requirements must present a journeycard or certificate. The portfolio and apprenticeships are no longer offered for enrollment, however OSPI will continue to honor this pathway. 

OSPI Source 

ParaPro Assessments at ESD 112 are scheduled by appointment Monday-Friday, at either 9:00am or 1:30pm.

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When testing at ESD112, the test is held at our Vancouver office at 2500 NE 65th Ave, Vancouver WA 98686

For other testing locations in Washington,and across the country, please visit:

Below are several resources you may use when preparing for the ParaPro Assessment. 

Complimentary Resources 

Click Here for the ParaPro Assessment Tutorial (ETS Website) 

Click Here for the ParaPro Study Companion (PDF, ETS Website) 

Click Here for the ParaPro Interactive PowerPoint Modules (Dropbox) 


For-Cost Resources 

90-Day Subscription to the ParaPro Assessment Practice Test (ETS, $19.95)

You will receive your scores immediately upon finishing and exiting the test. 

  • Passing score for Washington State is 461. 
  • Passing score for Oregon is 455. 

Upon passing the test the proctor at ESD 112 will print out two copies of your “unofficial” results. These will show your score, however they will be printed on normal copier paper. One copy will be for you to retain for your records, or to make additional copies as needed. The second copy is for you to turn in to whichever district needs to receive your results. ESD 112 will not send out your results to districts. 

You will receive your official results directly from ETS via mail in 2-3 weeks.  

Currently, ParaPro Assessment results never expire. However, results may no longer be available digitally after 9.5 years. Please be sure to retain a hard copy of your passing results on-hand, in case you need to refer to them later on. 

 you do not pass the ParaPro Assessment you may re-take the assessment as many times as needed. However please be aware of the following: 

  • You will need to pay the $75 assessment fee each time you take the assessment. 
  • ETS mandates a 21-day waiting period between attempts. 

You can reschedule anytime, just be sure to count 21 days after your previous test. Select the “RETEST” option so we can be sure your 21-day minimum is met.

ETS offers testing accommodations in the form of increasing your test time from 2.5 hours depending on your needs. People can seek accommodations related to a disabilityhealth needs, or as English Language Learners. ETS allows all of those seeking accommodations to submit requests via email to or by mail to ETS Disability Services P.O. Box 6054 Princeton, NJ 08541-6054 USA.

Please refer the links above and the ParaPro Assessment Bulletin (PDF, ETS Website) on applying for additional accommodations.

ESD 112 is not able to grant accommodations, all inquiries must be made to ETS directly.

For additional information regarding taking the ParaPro Assessment at ESD112 (2500 NE 65th Ave, Vancouver WA 98686) please contact:

Karen Solberg


Phone: 360-952-3409


Learn more about the Assessment:

You may also visit the ETS website for additional information and other testing locations.

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Online Training

Paraeducator Online Training Courses

“Washington is heavily invested in ensuring that all instructional paraeducators receive training to support our most diverse and vulnerable student populations. In 2017, the Washington Legislature created the nation’s first ever Paraeducator Board, and tasked members to establish, develop and implement paraeducator minimum employment standards and the certificate program.” -PESB WA

For more information, please see PESB’s website at:

“The Fundamental Course of Study (FCS) is the core training all paraeducators must receive before working with students and their families, or at a minimum, by the deadlines described below.” -PESB WA

For more information, please see PESB’s website at:

Program Contacts

Who to Contact

Karen Solberg

Secretary II


Phone: 360-952-3409


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