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We are one of the state designated providers offering courses to meet certification requirements


New certification requirements

Professional learning in equity-based school practices equips educators to facilitate learning and growth for each and every student. HB 1426, passed by the legislature, requires that teachers and administrators complete clock hours specific to equity-based school and classroom practices as a part of their certificate renewal beginning July 1, 2023. Educators submitting renewal applications before July 1, 2023 do not need to meet these new requirements.

ESD 112 offers courses to meet these new certificate renewal requirements for teachers and administrators. We continue to provide courses for paraeducator certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cultural competency, diversity, equity, and inclusion (CCDEI) standards are currently being developed. Guidance for professional learning providers will be developed with their adoption. Until then, providers should align their professional learning with the existing cultural competency standards.

Whether or not an educator must meet the requirement is dependent upon the certificate(s) they hold, not on their job assignment.

  • Teachers: including teacher and CTE teacher certificates
  • Administrators: principal, program administrator, CTE director, superintendent

When educators record their learning in eCertification, they will be able to designate a certain number of hours as meeting one requirement, and certain hours as meeting another requirement. The same hours may not be used to meet multiple requirements.

Example: In a 10 clock hour course on equity based STEM instruction, an educator could designate 5 hours as meeting the STEM requirement, and 5 hours as meeting the equity requirement. This course could not meet 10 hours towards STEM and 10 hours towards equity.


Teacher Certificate Renewal Requirements

As part of their 100 clock hours for renewal, teachers must complete 15 clock hours, or the equivalent in credit, focused on equity-based school practices aligned to the current cultural competency standards.

Teachers must continue to meet existing certificate renewal requirements every five years, including the STEM certificate renewal requirement.

Equity Courses

STEM Courses


Administrator Certificate Renewal Requirements

Administrators are required to complete all of the following as part of their 100 clock hours for certificate renewal:

  • 10 clock hours or equivalent in credit or PGPs in equity-based school practices
  • 10 clock hours or equivalent in credit or PGPs in educational leadership
  • 5 clock hours in government-to-government relations with federally recognized tribes

ESD 112 offers courses to meet the Equity and Educational Leadership requirements:

Equity Courses

Educational Leadership Courses (coming soon)

Government-to-government Courses:

Administrators must continue to meet existing certificate renewal requirements every five years. Additional information regarding training can be found on the OSPI Tribal Consultation website.


Paraeducator Certificate Program

The paraeducator certificate program offers standards-based training for all instructional paraeducators in Washington State. It has two required training components and three optional certificates. We offer courses for the following two required training components, as well as courses that can be applied to the optional Advanced Paraeducator Certificate. Visit the OSPI Website for more information >

Fundamental Course of Study (FCS)

The program begins with the FCS. The FCS is 28 hours of training that covers the paraeducator standards of practice. School districts are responsible for providing this training when funded.*

General Paraeducator Certificate

The general certificate includes 70 clock hours of training in addition to the FCS to help improve instructional practices. A paraeducator has three years to complete this certificate after completing the FCS. Once earned this is a lifetime certificate. School districts are responsible for providing this training when funded.* Courses from the ESD-U Paraeducator and Explorers Program (PEP) may be applied to this certificate.

Advanced Paraeducator Certificate

Clock hours for this certificate can be earned starting on the date the paraeducator applies for a General Paraeducator Certificate, not prior. This certificate requires 75 clock hours related to the duties of an Advanced Paraeducator. This certificate will have a 5-year validity and may be renewed. Courses from the ESD-U Paraeducator and Explorers Program (PEP) may be applied to this certificate.

*Please talk with your district before registering for either of these trainings.

ESD-U Paraeducators & Explorers Program

Paraeducators, are you interested in becoming a teacher but aren’t sure if it’s right for you?

The ESD-U Paraeducator and Explorer Program (PEP) is designed to give current paraeducators and individuals exploring the teaching profession a glimpse into the ESD-U teacher certificate program while earning clock hours toward the General or Advanced Paraeducator Certificate requirements.



To learn more about certificate renewal, please visit  the PESB certificate renewal website.

If you are looking for individual certificate information, please visit the OSPI certification website.

If you would like to schedule a training for your building or district or building, please contact:

Kathy Whitlock

Executive Director, Student and School Success


Phone: 360-952-3417


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