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Keeping Washington’s students healthy for 20 years.

School Nurse Corp Program

Our Mission

The School Nurse Corps, in partnership with schools, families and communities, improves student health outcomes, safety, and readiness to learn. The School Nurse Corps promotes equity by increasing access to student health services, and expanding public school districts’ capacity to provide a safe and healthy learning environment.

SNC Nurse Administrator Services

The School Nurse Corps increases equity in physical and mental health services for students through regional consultation and support for all ESD 112 school districts by:

  • Offering school health and nursing consultation benefitting families, administrators, staff, nurses, and community partners.
  • Serving as a liaison between OSPI, community health partners and local school districts.
  • Assisting OSPI with school health services data collection.

The School Nurse Corps is a lifeline for schools

Without SNC, many children in the state would not have access to a school nurse. Students with asthma, diabetes and other life-threatening conditions now have access to a RN to assist in managing health issues. SNC provides life-saving interventions and ongoing training and supervision.

Washington State School Nurse Corps celebrating 20 years

Nurse Resources


All children receive equitable, full access to school nursing services to be healthy, safe and successful in school and life.

SNC by County

School Nurse Corps by County


To learn more about SNC contact:

Julia Kintz BSN, RN

Health Services Supervisor; School Nurse Corps Administrator

Fax: 360-906-1010


Phone: 360-952-3519


Colleen Wahto BSN, RN

ESD 112 Nursing Services Coordinator


Phone: 541-399-2886


Sharon Green

Program Assistant


Phone: 360-952-3536


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