Special Education Technical Services Consulting

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Assisting districts during the school year with special education challenges.

Program Overview

Special Education Technical Services Consulting

Educational Service District 112 Specialized Services Birth–21 assists districts during the school year with special education challenges. We offer extended services through the special education component of school improvement.

Participating members may select from any of our service offerings, or request individualized services to meet specific needs.

  • Provide assistance in preparation for file review for annual audit.
  • Prepare for program monitoring.
  • Question and answer format for commonly requested information concerning complicated special education issues.
  • Student progress monitoring processes.
  • Instructional material review and analysis.
  • On-site special education classroom program review and consultation.
  • On-site and/or phone consultation regarding specific special education issues and concerns.
  • Staff development training and planning specific to your district.
  • Aligning EALR frameworks to your childhood program, curriculum, and IEPs specific to your district.
  • Provide research services in the area of special education.
  • Rules and regulation, policy and procedures consultation.

Extended Services

Extended Services

Annual audits and IDEA monitoring

Omissions in special education student files can result in an audit finding and funds being recovered. Evaluations reports incomplete, timelines missed, or improperly developed IEPs can result in time-consuming corrective actions. If too many systemic errors are uncovered, there may be a call for a program and fiscal audit.

This process will provide group and on-site instruction assistance for the use of a tool kit to:

  • Reduce student file errors in your annual audits – identify the four specific items in your student files that eliminate the chance for special education funds to be recovered.
  • Prepare your files for the more comprehensive IDEA monitoring.

Student progress monitoring

Thinking that your students receiving special education are achieving is not enough. Knowing you are providing appropriate and legally defensible programs birth through 21 is critical and essential.

Continuous measurements affirm that the right things are accuring in your programs. That is, at any time you can produce records that clearly demonstrate:

  • Your students are achieving appropriate progress guided through the IEP process.
  • Instructional decisions are based on continuous performance data.

Training is offered through individual and small group instruction to include regularly recorded student progress, data-based program changes and decision making, probing techniques, simple charting methods, and an easy report card system.

Program review, analysis and consultation

We can observe, consult, recommend, and assist you at your location. In some situations an expert may be needed. In these cases, we will assist you in location an expert. Additional costs may be negotiated.

Staff development

Beyond your typical staff development, customized training delivered at your location and/or in your classrooms – before school starts, inservice days, weekends, evenings. Based on your needs, we will assist you to develop your plans and delivery for staff development.

Dependant upon the intensity and duration of the staff development training, additional costs may need to be negotiated for on-going assistance.

Early childhood

Curriculum, materials, assessment, IEPs specific to your needs. Also, we can help you in alignment of the ECE frameworks to your district curriculum and align with the EALRs. Community assistance specific to your needs.

Question, issue or concern

Research questions, issues and practices in the area of special education.

Updates on laws, regulations, rules, policies and procedures

Laws change through court action, interpretation, reauthorization or new directions. Receive the information, training as needed and necessary revisions for district policies and procedures.

Program Contacts

Who to Contact

Carol Hall
PH: 360-750-7500
Tollfree: 800-233-0067

Educational Service District 112
2500 NE 65th Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98661

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