About Spero Center

Spero is a therapeutic learning program specializing in whole child support for youth in grades 6-12 whose mental health challenges are the primary barrier to their school participation. Students who attend Spero are qualified for and served via an individualized education program (IEP) and recommended for Spero placement by a school district IEP Team.

Spero’s unique combination of academic and mental health supports provide a safe, small, therapeutic educational setting for youth experiencing anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, or other mental health challenges. Spero Center offers a unique option for these students to comfortably return to a group learning environment among their peers.

Spero Center Features:

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Spero Center Hope Thrives Here

Derived from the Latin word meaning “hope,” Spero provides an intermediate step for students who have not been attending school because of social-emotional or mental health challenges with the goal of returning these students to their school of origin.