Ascend Profiles

When calling offnet, most calls are bonded. For example 384K would be profile 007. Be sure and ask the end party what speed to connect at. If you are calling overseas, and they tell you the rate is 128K, ask them if it is 2x64K or 128K. It will make a difference if you connect at profile 004 (128K) instead of profile 001 (2x64K). Remember, always do a practice call at least a week before to ensure that you can complete a call to wherever you are calling offnet.

Ascend Profiles for the K20 State of Washington Network

Profile #   Speed/Rate   Method
001 2x56K
002 2x64K
003 112K BONDING
004 128K BONDING
005 336K BONDING
006 336K AIM…Not Supported for Zydacron
007 384K BONDING
008 384K AIM…Not Supported for Zydacron
009 384K Nx6 DS0…Not Supported
011 768K BONDING
012 768K AIM…Not Supported for Zydacron
013 768K AIM Delta…Not Supported for Zydacron
014 768K Nx12 DS0…Not Supported for Zydacron
015 1344K AIM Delta…Not Supported for Zydacron
016 56K Single Call (Zydacron Only)
017 64K Single Call (Zydacron Only)
018 256K BONDING
019 512K BONDING (512 Max)