SWRDC: Student Skyward Alerts

The table below displays ALERTS pending for the Student Skyward system. "RESOLVED" alerts will be deleted 30 days after resolution. Click the "Description" for further information. To see all alerts on a given topic, either use the following search box or click one of the highlighted links in the "Category" column.

ID Date Sorted Z to A Status Description Category
279221 03/22/17 Pending Student Request Report Header may be misleading FUTURE SCHEDULING
279309 03/21/17 Pending Attendance information not moved after schedule change CURRENT SCHEDULING
279061 03/21/17 Pending CRDC Part 2 Extract counts for AP Test Taking & AP Test Passing may be incorrect FEDERAL REPORTS
279482 03/16/17 Pending Web Application menu items not available in Security utilit SECURITY
279060 03/10/17 Pending Custom Standards Report Card may not print Dropped Class Grades GRADING
279314 03/09/17 Pending Absence Occurrence Report may not calculate previous years correctly ATTENDANCE
279278 03/07/17 Pending IHP may not clone to new record as expected HEALTH
2791780 03/01/17 Resolved Absence Occurrence Report may not calculate correctly ATTENDANCE
999990 02/23/17 Resolved CEDARS Daily Extract Files for February 22, 2017 CEDARS
278554 02/17/17 Pending Print Blank Schedule option on the Student Schedule Report CURRENT SCHEDULING
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