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Provides Health Benefits Insurance for member school district employees at 11 member districts.

Cooperative Goals

Cooperative’s Goals

  1. Membership in the Purchasing Cooperative must be beneficial to its member districts.
  2. Health benefits coverage must be high quality (of the type and nature desired by a majority of the member districts).
  3. Access to health coverage must be reliable (remain available over time).
  4. Program costs (premiums, vendor commissions and fees, and claim payments) will be reported regularly in writing to each member district representative.
  5. The broker/vendor delivering claims administration services to employees and their families will provide evidence of timely high quality service.

Member Links

Member Links

Providence Health Insurance

Sign-in as member and see your claims, Explanation of Benefit (EOB), print off an ID card, look for providers in-network.

Don’t want to sign-in as a member? You can still search for providers by using the drop-down boxes to find Columbia Gorge Schools plans. Then search from there.

Standard Insurance Dental

Use the Ameritas network to locate your in-network dentist.

Superior Vision

Locate in-network providers.

Who to Contact

Who to Contact

For plan and coverage specific questions, contact:

Sharon Thornton
Benefit Consultant and Service Specialist
HUB Northwest/BCI Group
Phone: (503) 496-1913

For information about the cooperative, contact:

Loy Dale

Assistant Superintendent


Phone: 360-952-3570


Submit an Employee Incident Report

Have an Accident? Near Miss?

Click on a logo below to report an employee injury.

ESD112 Online Employee Incident Report
ESD123 Online Employee Incident Report

Insurance Questions

If you have a question about the insurance programs or services we offer to districts, please reach out to:

Peggy Sandberg

Director of Insurance Programs


Phone: 360-952-3573


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