In a significant move towards bolstering school safety and emergency preparedness, ESD 112’s Regional School Safety Center hosted an online forum on February 7 dedicated to implementing the Standard Response Protocol across schools and emergency response teams. This initiative aims to standardize terminology and practices for critical emergency actions, such as lockdown, shelter, and evacuate, ensuring a cohesive and efficient response to crises.

The forum was attended by 63 stakeholders, including 48 representatives from regional school districts and 15 from community partners such as local fire departments, the Department of Emergency Management, law enforcement, and public health organizations. The discussion emphasized the importance of a unified approach to emergency response, inspired by the urgent need to prevent tragedies akin to the devastating incident in Uvalde, TX.

Participants were introduced to the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) approach, learning how its adoption can facilitate better coordination between schools and emergency responders. Experts from emergency management, law enforcement, fire service/EMS, and communications sectors shared insights on how aligned practices and terms can significantly improve effectiveness during crisis situations. Moreover, Evergreen Public Schools and White Salmon Valley School District representatives shared their favorable experiences with SRP adoption, encouraging other districts to follow suit.

Twenty-seven school districts, including two private schools, have indicated their commitment to implementing the Standard Response Protocol in the next academic year. This marks a critical first step towards ensuring that all regional school districts and emergency responders operate under a common framework, enhancing the safety and security of students and staff.

The Regional School Safety Center urges all stakeholders to take part in this initiative by completing the School Safety Survey, watching the recorded Standard Response Protocol Forum, and visiting the I Love You Guys Foundation for more information and resources.

Together, we can take meaningful action to safeguard our schools and communities, ensuring a standardized and effective response to any emergency.

For further details and to contribute to this crucial initiative, please get in touch with Corina McEntire, ESD 112 School Safety Coordinator, at