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Our goal is to prevent accidents and injuries.

Resource Materials

Resource Materials

The resource materials listed below were written for the use of the Southwest Washington Risk Management Insurance Cooperative membership, and to the best of our knowledge at the time of their writing, exemplify risk management best practices. As specific situations vary, please consult a risk management professional before using these procedures.

If you would like more information about these resources, please contact Peggy Sandberg , Director of Insurance Programs, ESD 112, at 360.952.3573.

Web Resources

Web Resources

Safety Talks

Safety Talks

Safety Talks are brief reminders that encourage and teach school district staff to work safely and are an great way to heighten employee awareness of workplace hazards. Read them, post them, share them with others and use them for your safety meetings. Together we can prevent accidents and employee injuries.

Safety Tips

Slips, trips and falls have caused the most work related injuries for the members of the Southwest Washington Workers’ Compensation Trust over the past four school years. In an effort to turn this trend around, the ESD 112 Loss Control Department rolled out a safety campaign focused on this issue.

The Stop Falls Before They Stop You! campaign includes a variety of prevention materials including brief safety talks and safety posters. Near-Miss Nancy and Safety Sam provide tips to keep both employees and students safe by avoiding some common hazards that cause slips, trips and falls.

Printable Resources

Slips, trips and falls accounted for 33% of all claims filed during the last school year.

Archives by Topic

Feel free to send as email reminders, print and share during staff meetings or post in staff lounges, custodial closets, shops and transportation buildings. Thank you for your commitment to safety!

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WISHA Resources

WISHA Resources

Accident Prevention Program

WISHA safety and health rules (WAC 296-800-14005) require that every employer in Washington State develop a written “Accident Prevention Program”. The sample Accident Prevention Program found here is provided for the use by school districts served by the Southwest and Southeast Washington Workers’ Compensation Trusts and attempts to address hazards that are common to K-12 school districts. It must be noted that each school district’s particular written program must be tailored to the specific needs of that district and the hazards found there.

Also provided are sample written programs that address specific hazards such as respiratory protection, fall protection, chemical hazard communication, and control of hazardous energy, among others. Every school district may not require each program; it depends on the hazards found in the district.

Primary Accident Prevention Program Documents

All planning documents are comprised of of Microsoft Word and Acrobat PDF documents in a compressed Zip folder

Accident Prevention Program (Zip, 72k)
Reference: WAC 296-800-140

Asbestos Checklist & Requirements
Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan
Chemical Hygiene Plan
Confined Space Program
Ergonomics Program
Fall Protection Program
Forklift Safety Program
Hazard Communication Program
Personal Protective Equipment Program
Respiratory Protection Program
Hot Work Permit Program
Fire Protection System Impairment Program
Outdoor Heat Exposure Program

Submit an Employee Incident Report

Have an accident? Near Miss? Click here to freport it using the new online employee incident report

This online tool is for reporting work-related injuries/illnesses/near misses (this is NOT a Workers’ Compensation benefits claim form).

Insurance Questions

If you have a question about any of our insurance programs or services, please reach out to:

Peggy Sandberg

Director of Insurance Programs


Phone: 360-952-3573


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