About Vector Solutions (SafeSchools)

All Vector Solutions courses are set in a school environment and are authored by leading school safety specialists. Courses include topics in nutritional services, health, employee and student safety, human resources, transportation, informational technology, social and behavioral, environmental, security, special education, and emergency management.

This training program is provided to member districts of the Work Comp Trust and Risk Co-Op for Southwest Washington Schools because it is our goal to encourage safe work habits, reduce employee injuries and protect school districts from unnecessary costs related to other liability issues.

Note:  On March 24, 2021,  SafeSchools on-line training program received a new name. The training program is now called Vector Solutions. The process for logging in to complete assigned training did not change. Participants will continue to login as they always have on their district’s training web site. The product itself also did not change and did not impact any current training assignments or reporting of completed trainings.

Vector Solutions

Clock hours are available for Southwest Washington Workers’ Compensation Trust member district employees. Click on the Clock Hour Checklist tab for more information.

Suggested courses for school district employees by job title:

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