Each spring, student artists from throughout Southwest Washington are recognized for their outstanding artwork at the Southwest Washington Regional High School Art Show, sponsored and hosted by Educational Service District 112.

2016 will mark the 43rd year of the event, and the art show is one of the few opportunities for area art students to receive recognition and exposure for their work. The 2015 art show received 240 entries from high school students from throughout the six-county region of Southwest Washington.

Eighteen pieces received Regional Awards and competed against entries from around Washington State in the Annual State Superintendent of Public Instruction Art Show in Olympia in April. Additionally, Central Washington University awarded four outstanding art pieces with CWU Scholarship Awards, three with $1,000 scholarships and one with a $2,000 scholarship award. The following student artists won awards for their pieces:

2015 Regional Award Winners:

  • Cait Ryan, Ridgefield High School, “The Viking”
  • Elise Baron, Kelso High School, “They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To”
  • Ruby Becker, Vancouver School of Arts & Academics, “The Unseen”
  • Jung Lee, Mountain View High School, “Bird”
  • Keeley Prestwich, Prairie High School, “Marysville”
  • Elise Baron, Kelso High School, “Fur Elise”
  • Emily Atwell, Prairie High School, “Sea Turtle”
  • Grace Arsenault, Vancouver School of Arts & Academics, “Portrait of Ellie”
  • Austin Moreland, Hudson’s Bay High School, “Mountain”
  • Kaitlyn Wolfe, Henrietta Lacks High School, “Sun Dial”
  • Neve Duran, Evergreen High School, “Swans”
  • Hannah Barnwell, Kelso High School, “Castiel”
  • Bella Kustar, Hudson’s Bay High School, “Hope”
  • Nicole Dean, Henrietta Lacks High School, “We Are Star Stuff”
  • Maya Bresler, Washougal High School, “Sunrise”
  • Svelyhia Khoumngeune, Heritage High School “Turtle Vase”
  • Ada White, Mountain View High School, “An Elephant of Cards”
  • Hannah Jeung, Evergreen High School, “Aphrodite”

2015 ESD 112 Award Winners:

  • Keeley Prestwich, Prairie High School, “Funny Face & Pretty Thoughts”
  • Tenzing Dorjee, Evergreen High School, “Dancing Queen”
  • Stephanie Sells, Prairie High School, “Untitled”
  • Sara Levy, Henrietta Lacks High School, “One Wish”
  • Chelsie Bejamin, R.A Long High School/ On Track Program, “Inside Myself”
  • Cooper Lucas, Woodland High School, “Shell”
  • Kristin Mury, Kelso High School, “Times Square”
  • Kevin Kang, Mountain View High School, “Charmed”
  • Emma Craciun, Vancouver School of Arts & Academics, “Inside-Out Silhouette”
  • Mariyah Hutton, Loowit High School “Exo Exo”

2015 Honorable Mention Award Winners:

  • Daniel Gershun, Union High School, “Red and Black Round Reed Basket”
  • Grace Arsenault, Vancouver School of Arts & Academics, “Kohlrabi Girl”
  • Malynne Castro, Kelso High School, “Babies in Bloom”
  • Jonah Warberg, Mountain View High School, “My Silly Self & Little Lover”
  • Alexandria Rilling, Henrietta Lacks High School, “Crack the Egg”
  • Ana Stoumbos, Vancouver School of Arts & Academics, “Annabelle”
  • Jill Solonga, Ridgefield High School, “The Big Red Door”
  • Elizabeth Bronder, Hudson’s Bay High School, “Relaxed Bowl”
  • Payden Carterby, Kelso High School, “Willow Grove”
  • Storm Reid, Kelso High School, “Thend” “Revelation” “Adadpt”
  • Allie Jenkins, Hudson’s Bay High School, “Dramatic”
  • Landyn Gellerson, Skyview High School, “Leaving On”
  • Max Buquoi, Evergreen High School, “Tricky Children”

2015 Central Washington University Scholarship Awards:

$1000 Scholarship Award:

  • Symone Camargo, Mountain View High School, “Connect the Dots”
  • Keely Prestwich, Prairie High School, “Funny Face & Pretty Thoughts”
  • Olivia Bonebrake, Ridgefield High School “Nothing is Real Anyways”

$2000 Scholarship Award:

  • Elise Baron, Kelso High School,”Fur Elise”

2015 ESD 112 Staff Choice Award:

  • Bradlee Thielen, R.A. Long High School, “My Better Half”