Cheryl Cochran, Special Ed. Teacher in Ocean Beach School District, has been named to the advisory board for the Time/EDGE magazine and classroom tool, which features news written for  grades 5-8.

Teachers were invited to apply to participate in an advisory board for the new magazine. Cheryl submitted a detailed essay documenting her special education students’ participation using Time For Kids last year and how she modified assignments to meet their learning needs. She focused on the special education perspective and how to use the activities to promote speaking & listening skills, developing skills in finding and documenting evidence, and how to align the activities to use in the WA-AIM assessment.

Cheryl was notified that her application was accepted and she was invited to officially join the advisory board. Both resource room classes for grades 5-8 will receive a free subscription to EDGE and full access to the online programs.  The students will also be able to use many resources from the new EDGE site.

This year, Cheryl’s resource room students will become junior reporters and create an article based on Invasive Species of the Columbia River. Her goal is to include NOAA, Oregon State Seafood Lab, and local experts to share knowledge with the students as they research, write and document plants and animals that have changed the economic and environment of the basin.

“Congratulations to Cheryl for taking the initiative to apply and for being accepted on the advisory,” said Program Administrator Debbie McClain. “It is going to be a great hands-on-learning experience for her students!”