On May 31, equipped with prompts, notepads, cameras, lenses, lighting, and a wagon full of drone pieces, ESD 112’s Communications team, including Fred Gunnerson, Melissa Burt, and Arianna Vazquez, teamed up with Castle Rock School District Superintendent Ryan Greene, to capture the final day of classes for the Class of 2023.

Together, ESD 112’s team and Castle Rock School District staff were able to shine a spotlight on the graduating Class of 2023, capturing student voices and the feel of the school community. Greene conducted senior exit interviews in a back music room with Gunnerson behind the camera and managing the lighting, while Burt sported multiple lenses and a gimbal to capture campus activities that ranged from gardening to welding. 

Ryan interviewing a student

Ryan interviewing Castle Rock High School seniors.

Students shared their perspectives on their experiences at Castle Rock schools, their aspirations for the future, and the community’s impact on their education. Students were especially enthusiastic about watching a drone, operated by Gunnerson as he captured video footage for the project, fly through the school and around campus.   

Superintendent Greene expressed his determination to personally engage with students and plans to make this an annual initiative. 

“Understanding our students and genuinely listening to their perspectives is crucial for collaborative efforts towards shared goals,” Green said. “Since everything our schools do is for our students, it is essential to learn from them to ensure they feel valued.”

Students talk about their experiences at Castle Rock High School.

Students talk about their experiences at Castle Rock High School.

Greene felt that the creative approach taken by ESD 112 made students feel valued and kindled staff enthusiasm. 

“We believe the content looks amazing, and I am incredibly proud of the work that ESD 112’s Communications team has accomplished,” shared Greene.  

As Castle Rock School District continues to grow, Superintendent Greene is focused on showcasing their work and highlighting the individuals involved. The two teams have additional plans for  content-creation in the new school year ahead, and are looking forward to continuing their collaborative approach to creative communication projects in the future. 

Watch the ESD112’s final Castle Rock School District senior video here.