For many school districts, payroll is a significant administrative burden. The complex calculations, government reports, deposits, quarterly filings, and changing payroll tax laws make the process difficult. The ESD 112 Payroll Services Team offers customized payroll services based on school district needs to enable districts to focus their energy on other important things.

Because payroll isn’t a “one size fits all” need, services can be tailored to specific district needs.

ESD 112 staff can help:

  • Calculate, prepare and generate monthly payroll (including direct deposit via ACH) using WESPac;
  • Prepare customized time sheets; prepare quarterly reports including unemployment, workers compensation and federal (and state) taxes;
  • prepare and process employee W-2’s, sick leave buyback and vacation cash outs;
  • Maintain employee calendars, W-4s, contracts, benefits, deductions, and garnishments;
  • Reconcile and process vendor payments for annuities, retirement, unemployment, workers compensation and health benefits;
  • Prepare federal tax deposits;
  • Report annual OIC state health benefit data;
  • Respond to all inquiries; initiate district approved communication regarding deadlines.

ESD 112 currently serves approximately 240 employees in the following school districts: Green Mountain, Mill A, Mount Pleasant, Naselle-Grays River Valley, Skamania, and Wahkiakum.

“For the past three years, we have utilized the payroll services as provided by ESD 112. We have found the working relationship to meet our needs in exceptional fashion. Having the expertise of knowledgeable staff ‘at our fingertips,’ we together are able to provide efficient payroll services to our entire staff.” —Bob Garrett, Wahkiakum School District Superintendent

For more information about ESD 112 Payroll Services, contact Leslie Rogers, (360) 952-3502.