It’s virtual reality with a paintbrush! With a VR headset and Google’s app called Tilt Brush, students in Cassondra Tinsley’s 8th grade art class at Maple Grove in Battle Ground create a three-dimensional work from their imagination. Tilt Brush opened up a new world for artists. It wasn’t long before art teachers discovered it was a very cool tool that their students would enjoy. Maple Grove art teacher Tinsley explains why she loves the concept, “Imagine yourself transported inside. What would it be like if you were standing in the middle looking around at all the colors and shapes?”

First, students must conceptualize an idea, write a treatment then draw their work on paper before stepping into the empty canvas to create a fully realized 3-D artwork. Eighth grader Kathryn English enjoys the process, “Mine is different from a painting because you are actually in it. You are submerged in the art versus just looking at a painting from this point of view. You can actually step into the model. I thought that was cool.”

Scott McDaniel, Director of Technology Services at Battle Ground Public Schools, initiated the project of virtual reality in art class, “I’m really proud of our art program at Maple Grove. Students are learning how to integrate virtual art with each other.”