Mill A School District Superintendent Bob Rogers

On February 21, 2017, Mill A School District received final approval from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to host an innovative high school program.  Superintendent Bob Rogers is working with a launch committee and ESD staff to prepare for our first PCIA class in fall 2017.

Pacific Crest Innovation Academy will be a small STEM-focus high school program that offers a combination of instructional service delivery models, including, but not limited to: direct classroom instruction, online learning, as well as experiential and field-based learning.  A portable facility adjacent to Mill A School will provide the primary classroom space, and Innovation Academy students will use the existing gym, cafeteria, library and other common areas when they are not in use by Mill A School.

High school students who master an eligible class at the college level will earn dual high school and college credit through the Innovation Academy’s partnership with a regional community college. All students will have an opportunity to earn up to two years of college credits. This program model will give each student the opportunity and support to accelerate learning and will raise performance expectations for everyone.

Each student will have a learning team that includes a parent, a teacher-mentor, and an academic counselor. The student and their learning team will work together to develop and maintain an individual learning plan to help the student meet or exceed graduation requirements as well as their individual learning goals.