This work is being done in partnership with OSPI, AESD, and ESDs statewide.

  1. Each educational service district shall provide technology consultation, procurement, and training, in consultation with p. 2 E2SHB 1365.SL teacher-librarians through school library information and technology programs as defined in RCW 28A.320.240, and as described in this section. An educational service district may meet the requirements of this section in cooperation with one or more other educational service districts.
  2. Technology consultation involves providing technical assistance and guidance to local school districts related to technology needs and financing, and may include consultation with other entities.
  3. Technology procurement involves negotiating for local school district purchasing and leasing of learning devices and peripheral devices, learning management systems, cybersecurity protection, device insurance, and other technology-related goods and services. When selecting goods and services for procurement, the educational service district must consider a variety of student needs, as well as accessibility, age appropriateness, privacy and security, data storage and transfer capacity, and telecommunications capability. Technology procurement may be performed in consultation and contract with the department of enterprise services under chapter 39.26 RCW.

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