Slip and fall injuries often result from the presence of snow and ice on surfaces. There are several factors that when combined with slippery surfaces increase the likelihood of a slip and fall incident. The following includes ideas on how to prevent the slips and falls.

Walking on snow and ice:

  • Beware of icicles on the buildings and avoid walking beneath them.
  • When walking on icy or snow-covered walkways, take short steps and walk at a slower pace so you can react quickly to change in traction.
  • Use handrails on stairs and ramps.

Additional tips:

  • Plow, shovel and use de-icing salting or ice melting chemicals to remove ice and snow.
  • Be extra careful on ladders, maintenance stands, and stairways.
  • Have designated personnel arrive earlier to clear sidewalks of snow and ice.
  • Ensure designated personnel don’t forget to shovel and de-ice employee service entrances, walkways to portables, and walkways to dumpsters.
  • Consider putting buckets of sand or ice melt at all entrances/exits from the buildings so that any employee can apply it without waiting for a building custodian.
  • Encourage staff and students to notify the principal immediately about icy sidewalks, entrances and walkways.
  • Take extra care when walking to and from vehicles in the parking lot when icy/slick conditions are present.
  • Place a durable mat just outside the entrance, where students and staff can clean ice, snow, and mud off their shoes before they enter.
  • Use good solid carpet runners or mats inside the building entrances for students and staff to wipe off their feet. (Make sure the mats don’t bunch up and create a tripping hazard).
  • Have readily available and display wet floor signs in areas where snow is tracked in and will melt.
  • Avoid high heels, platform shoes or cowboy boots since these can compromise your natural balance and often times do not have tread on the sole.
  • Avoid leather soles and any sole with a smooth finish.
  • Wear boots and shoes with good threads. Rubber soles work well.
  • Custodians, coaches, teachers or paraprofessionals on playground duty should consider wearing strap on ice grips around their shoes for better traction when walking or working outdoors.
  • Investigate each slip and fall accident and determine what its cause was to prevent a reoccurrence.