Most of our region’s school employees are familiar with the SafeSchools on-line training platform. In fact, our region’s employees completed over 213,000 courses during the last school year alone.

The next time you login for training you may notice something different on your computer screen. The SafeSchools brand is changing, unifying under the Vector Solutions brand so you will see a new name and a new logo. The new product name will be Vector Training, K-12 Edition.

Vector Solutions

SafeSchools Login Screen

What Isn’t Changing?

  • The product itself is not changing, and users will continue to have access to the same training site
  • The web site address for each school district will not change
  • The current process for logging in to complete assigned training will not change
  • There will be no disruptions to any current training assignments or reporting of completed training

If you have any questions about this change please contact your ESD 112 Loss Control representative.